Real Estate

Buy and sell properties totally online. Search for a home smarter with machine learning and predictive search. Generate and enforce contracts with blockchain. Do all of this, with Bloc Estate.

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The Bloc Estate Advantage

Bloc Estate's unique real estate platform is the most advanced platform 
available today. Better, faster, and cheaper than any alternative, Bloc Estate is the future of real estate.

Save Money

Instant global access to enterprise level security and performance. The cloud mitigates the costs and liability of managing your own servers.


Our solutions employ the same technologies that power blockchain. Just one way Bloc Estate secures your information against fraud and hacks.

Smart Search

We enable users to search for homes while building profiles based off of thier likes/dislikes to predict what homes they'll want to see. 


Our AML solutions employ machine learning algorithms to automatically enforce regulatory compliance with FINTRAC and REBBA, 2002. 

Totally Online

Reduce the workload of your agents. Our platform can partially or completely virtualize and automate the standard real estate transaction. A client can buy or sell a property totally online!

Easy to Use

By connecting to a number of secure and relaible data sources, we aggregate all the data you would need to easily list and buy real estate making the process simple.

Buying and selling
has never been easier

With Bloc Estate, buying and selling real estate is simple, fast, and better for your wallet. Whether your buying or selling, we apply industry expertise and analytical technology to determine the best price for your next real estate transaction. 


Real Estate Expertise

Our expierenced team gives you the tools you need. 


Home Search

Our machine learning predictions and fun-to-use interface makes it easy and fun to sift through the hundreds of properties in your area and to find your next dream home. 


Comprehensive Data

Bloc Estate aggregates industry data so that you make educated decisions on your next home. 

Smart Solutions For You

For any questions, queries, or concerns, feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you shortly.