About Bloc Estate

Bloc Estate is a Toronto-based startup founded in 2018 with our roots going as far back as 1999 when our founders began developing sophisticated solutions in the still young FINTECH space. Since then, some of our founders and top developers have been involved in large software acquisitions and projects some of which have since been modernised and form the basis of the solutions we offer today.

Our team has a diverse makeup referring not only to our ethnic backgrounds, but to our specialisations and fields of study. This diversification of knowledge is what has allowed us to incorporate so many different technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, automated AML, simple-to-use APIs, and so forth into advanced and truly comprehensive software suites.

We leverage our relationships with businesses in the Philippines and Canada to deliver high quality services and market reach to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how Bloc Estate can help your business become more efficient, secure, and profitable.

Michael Clement Cambare
Yoonjae Kim
David Zhao
Brandon Miranda
Jessica Fang
Director of sales
Adam Pacheco
Albert Yong
Matt McGuire

We are Toronto-based, but our partners and clients can be found across the world.